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Practice Manager

Kira was born in Ohio, raised in Arizona, and has been a resident of Oregon since 2017. She joined our team as a skilled veterinary assistant and has now been our practice manager since January of 2020. She lives in Eugene with her boyfriend and their two dogs, Tron – an energetic black and white german shorthaired pointer, and Ellem – a handsome cavalier mix. On her days off she likes to go camping, hike, attend sporting events, and during football season you can find her cheering on THE Ohio State Buckeyes. “Working in the veterinary field has been a passion of mine since I was 15 years old. Having the opportunity to help take care of the staff who help take care of our clients and their pets has been the most rewarding position I have had yet.”



Senior Customer Service Representative

Lisa was born and raised here in beautiful Eugene, Oregon. She joined Willakenzie Animal Clinic in January of 2014 and has been an asset to our clinic ever since. She currently lives with a spicy, adorable black and white, domestic longhair cat named Madison. Her hobbies include fishing, target shooting and reading. As leader of our front desk, she has a passion for helping others, “I enjoy getting to see all the puppies and kittens, as well as the opportunity to chat with our clients.”







Heidi has lived in Oregon since 1988. She joined our team in May of 2017 as an experienced CVT and has brought much of her knowledge to our staff and our clients over the years. She currently lives with her husband and their many pets: Louise – a border collie mix, Mrs. Maizel – feral Siamese cross, Ginsberg – a domestic shorthair, Shamoo – a geriatric Arabian horse, and Daphne – a geriatric mini donkey. When she is not working, she can be found practicing pyrography, painting rocks, playing with her pets, or exploring nature. If you ask her why she works in veterinary medicine, “It is always interesting, and I am continually learning. I enjoy having the ability to use skills that make a difference in the lives and comforts of our clients and their pets. Having the opportunity to work with a fantastic cadre of coworkers is a joy.”




Colleen was born and raised here in Oregon. She joined our team in September of 2019 and brought with her a wealth of anesthesia experience and knowledge. She currently lives on a farm with her husband and their herd of animals: Pippi – a Chocolate Labrador Retiriever, Ames – a Border Collie, 21 goats – Captain Hoof, Sarge, Jaegermeister, Mr. F, Eagle Bait, Joselyn, Lady Gaga, Terra-ble, Valentine, Goliath, Lucille, Bernice, Cinnamon, Olive, Patagotia, Freda Uddersworth, Rita Uddersworth, and 4 unnamed, and 4 sheep – Black Rifle Bart, Britney Shears, Calambity Jane, and Ewenice. She is also mother to one son, Kevin. In her spare time, she loves running, endurance events (ironman, ultra-races, relays), hiking, exploring the outdoors, and trapshooting. “I chose veterinary medicine as a 2nd and final career, combining my science-driven mind and love of animals with helping people.”




Autumn was born in Flint, MI but was raised in Luverne, MN. She moved to Oregon September of 2020 and joined our team here in March of 2021. She currently lives with her husband and their crew of animals: Jack – an Australian Shepherd mix, Gordon – a Border Collie, Raj – black coated Domestic Shorthair, Hannah – a dilute calico Domestic Shorthair, Mila – a 3 legged orange tabby, Oliver – tan Domestic Shorthair who she has had since he was 1 day old, Kazi – a ticked tabby coated Domestic Shorthair who she has also had since she was 1 day old, and last, but not least, Cashew Pichu – a tan Domestic Longhair. Autumn is also a proud mom to Brandon and a proud grandma to Max. When she is not at work, you can find her hiking with her dogs, reading, fishing, sewing, or crocheting. She joined veterinary medicine after being in the human medical field for a long time. If asked why she works in veterinary medicine, “Dogs typically growl before they bite you. Humans don’t.”



Veterinary Assistant

Katie is a Karen Pryor certified training partner.  She's passionate about creating stress free vet visits for you and your pets.  When not working as a Veterinary Assistant, she can be found hiking with her wife and her dogs Frankie and Commander Pants. 



Veterinary Assistant

Ethan was born in Wisconsin and lived all over the Midwest and Northwest until he moved to Oregon in 2017. He joined our team in May of 2018 and brought a wonderful positive attitude to our clinic. He currently lives in Eugene with his 2 cats, Nimue – a gray domestic shorthair, and Purrsephone – a tortoiseshell domestic medium hair. When he is not working, Ethan loves to go hiking, take road trips, and enjoys baking. “I have always been surrounded by animals and viewed them as family but have seen so many throughout my life that are not treated as such. This has always been a driving passion of mine, and I cannot think of anything more rewarding to alleviate that then veterinary medicine. I absolutely love being able to help people take good care of their pets and help them in times of need.”



Veterinary Assistant

Joanne was born into an Air Force family in Clovis, New Mexico. At the age of 2, her and her family moved to Oregon after her father retired from the Air Force and she has lived here ever since. She joined our team as a veterinary assistant in June of 2021. She is mother to 2 human children, Chandra Lynn and Christian Michael. She also has welcomed many species of rescue animals into her home: Master Wendell – Selkirk Rex, Major Wesley – Selkirk Rex, Jessie Feta – Domestic Shorthair, Mina Julep McGregor – Domestic Shorthair, Mango Sky Lundgren – Siamese Mix, Pyphagoras – Blue Tongue Skink, Damia – Red Corn Snake, and Bianco – Chilean Rose knee tarantula. When not at work, she enjoys hiking, photography, gardening, arts and crafts, reading, movies, cocoa, beachcombing, stomping in puddles, home improvement, and concerts. “I feel an obligation to respect, nurture, and protect animals – domesticated and wild – it is a family trait that has carried through several generations and continues.”



Animal Care Assistant

Cameron was born and raised in Springfield, Oregon. He started as a volunteer at our clinic in August of 2019 and was hired on as an official part of the time June of 2020. He currently attends Oregon State University as a pre-vet major. When Cameron is not at work or studying, he enjoys scuba diving, walking, hiking, and just relaxing at home watching television. Due to his busy schedule, he doesn’t currently have any pets of his own, but he enjoys treating every animal like his own. “My favorite thing about working in the field is being able to comfort the cats who come in who are very stressed out.”